INCAA opens call for TV and other media projects

Argentina’s National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) published the new contests to encourage the production of projects for television and other media. Among the calls is the contest for the promotion of international co-productions.
The first of the eight open contests if for Audiovisual Production within the framework of the Industrial Promotion Regime, and will allocate AR$ 60 million. In turn, the “Contest for the Promotion of International Coproduction – 2018” proposes Argentine producers to associate with foreign TV networks and platforms for the production and international exhibition of series. INCAA will allocate another AR $ 60 million to this contest.
The “Federal Series Development and Production Contest” and the “Federal Web Series Development and Production Contest” will be divided into two stages. Both contests are oriented to unpublished fiction, docu-fiction, documentary and animation projects.
The list is completed with the “Senior Level Project Development Contest”, the “Middle Level Series Project Development Contest”, the “11th Annual Raymundo Gleyzer Federal Feature Film Development Contest- 2018” and the “Incubator for the Development of Documentary Projects”. The inscriptions are made on the INCAA website.