Illegal DStv decoders flood the market in Sierra Leone

Adonis Abboud, CEO of the Transnational (SL) Limited said his business has been severely affected by the importation of foreign illegal decoders into the country through fraudulent means. Transnational (SL) Limited are the only authorized agents for DSTV services in Sierra Leone.

The CEO added that he had written letters to the NRA, NATCOM, IMC and the CIS drawing their attention to this “criminal enterprise” that is flourishing in the country today. According to Abboud, the most unfortunate issue is that because of such fraudulent acts, the country is losing Billions of Leones in unpaid taxes. 

He, however, said the CID was doing a commendable job for they seized some of the illegal decoders. The decoders are being smuggled through the Lungi International Airport and the Queen Elizabeth II Quay, according to the CID. 

Since these illegal decoders started flooding the local markets, the customer base of Transnational (SL) Limited has reduced drastically. Abboud said that they are currently working with the CID to get to the bottom of the issue and to clamp down the network of criminals inside and outside of Sierra Leone.