Iflix to be launched in Africa

Iflix, the Malaysian video-on-demand platform, is making its way into the African continent. With major investments raised among giants of telecommunications operator in the surrounding regions of Africa and in the Middle East, the Iflix is all in to launch its platform in Africa.

Lately, Iflix has raised an amount of 90 million USD and offers its services to nine countries with a collection of Hollywood titles like Iron Man and TV series like ‘Homeland’, in addition to local programming with a subscription fee to be paid monthly.

According to Patrick Grove, co-founder and chairman of Iflix: “It was always meant to be a Southeast Asian business, but it grew so fast”.

Iflix, being a cheap alternative to piracy, will thus be providing a low-cost video-on-demand platform to the mobile users in the African region. The company ensures the offering of good video quality, even with 3G connections. Nonetheless, higher-end users with high-speed fixed internet connections at home is also target by Iflix.