Iflix now offers VOD service in Myanmar

The Malaysian subscription video-on-demand service is expanding its reach across the Indian Saarc region. It is travelling to Myanmar. The service will be available to subscribers to the platform.

One month will be offered as free trial with full access to its services, features and content through www.iflix.com. The app can also be downloaded on phones or tablets. Users will be able to enjoy TV shows, comedies, drama, K-drama, cartoons, alongside movies from Hollywood, UK, Asia.

Thinakorn Thianprathum, manager for iflix Thailand, commented about the development: “iflix is now available to over 800 million members in 10 countries across Asia. It is our aim to redefine how consumers enjoy entertainment with ground-breaking features and a seamless mobile streaming experience.

“From movies to TV shows and regional hits catering specifically to the lifestyles and interests of the local consumer, iflix has it all for an amazing price” he added.