Iflix launches its first original show in Africa and Middle East

Iflix the OTT Malaysian based service launches its first show called Magic hour. The firm goes one step further in the differentiation process with its main competitor Netflix. Even though the service is already a cheap alternative to the american giant now it will be a differentiation in content as well.

The firm has raised US $90 million from its investor in order to continue its growth in Africa and Middle-East

Magic hour has already a fan based due to being a spin off show of Indonesian hit film sharing the same cast for the main characters. As of now no release date has been announced.

Iflix will also team up with Skop Productions in order to be able to stream movies only 20 days after their theatrical release. A mini-series which is nameless for the moment is also on the making.

Sean Carey CCO of Iflix and former Netflix executive declared: “We are thrilled to work with local top tier industry players to offer our members so many of the region’s top entertainment franchises, whilst supporting them in broadening their distribution channels out of cinema,”