ICE expands into Central American markets

Costa Rica’s Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) is preparing its expansion to other markets in Central America to become a regional player. For this purpose, it is partnering with other operators to offer mobile telephony and pay TV services.
This way, the state-owned company will compete with Claro and Movistar in markets such as Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico, according to La República. The first step in its expansion plan is Nicaragua, where it founded -in mid-2017- the new telecommunications company Te-Comunica, in association with Enatrel. In the country, ICE began the sale of Teco TV, an adaptation of its KölbiTV service.
“This company is giving us good results definitely, the goal is expansion. We are working with our partner to bring services as far as the geographical conditions of the country allow,” said Jaime Palermo, ICE’s Telecommunications director, according to La República.
The company is close to entering the Salvadoran market, where work has already begun with a potential partner to offer Internet and mobile telephony as MVNO. Another goal is to enter Honduras. In this country, ICE has advanced talks with the national telecommunications company, Hondutel. The company is also maintaining the exploration work in Guatemala and Panama; and could enter a larger market such as Mexico.