HD in Latin America to reach more than 60 million pay TV subs in 2022


According to Dataxis, the penetration rate of HD over the total pay TV subscribers reached 37.5%. The last update for the first quarter of 2017 estimates a penetration of 39.2%, confirming a net progression. Dataxis forecasts that it will reach 68.4% in 2022.

HD expansion is driven by two main factors: the overall progression of digital television subscribers (85% of the total subscribers in 2016 and projected 94% in 2022) and the growth of the installed base of HDTVs. Dataxis estimated that 54.4% of Latin American homes with television had a HD screen in 2016, and forecasts it will arrive at 75.9% by 2022.

Dataxis’ analysis underscores different levels of HD progression in different countries of the region, even among the most advanced economies. Thus, countries that are above the regional average in 2016 are: Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica. On the other hand, a group of countries is below the penetration of 20%, namely: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela.