Hathway high speed network to be launched in South India

Hathway the Indian telecommunication and broadcasting firm has announced a plan for the next three years. This plan consists of an investment of INR 500 crore or US$ 77.350.000 in south India in order to install a high-speed internet connection.

The rise of OTT content due to recent players making move like Amazon prime which tag in with Airtel or Veqta which created a new way to look at sport. All these factors made feel the need for a high-speed connection. In order to bring this broadband to the cities Hathway teamed -up with Cisco, Oracle and Nokia.

This need has already been felt in big cities such as Chennai where data consumption is around 90GB per month per person just after the installation of the GPON technology

The company has announced the price and the packages will start at INR 999 a month for speed of around 150Mbps and 1000GB data unload.

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