Grupo Acon acquires ISP operator in Brazil

Grupo Acon completed the acquisition of Conexão Telecom, an ISP provider based in São João da Boa Vista (State of São Paulo, Brazil). With this acquisition, three operators – Conexão Telecom, Direta and Alegra, all with fiber deployments – will be under the same administration, with a total base of 35,000 clients.
Conexão Telecom is a competitor of Alegra, the ISP that was also acquired by Grupo Acon a few months ago, Tele.Síntese reported. Direta, on the other hand, has operations in Minas Gerais. The administration of the three companies will be in the hands of the same administrators of Conexão Telecom, explained Eduardo Pauletti, regional director for São Paulo and Minas Gerais.
There will also be a change in brands. The companies will adopt the name Conexão Telecom, first Alegra will do it and then Direta. In this way, the Acon Group will have a base of 35,000 clients in São Paulo and Minas Gerais, and a backbone of 1,500 km.
Grupo Acon also owns the operators Multiplay Telecom, based in Fortaleza (Ceará), and Cabo Telecom from Natal (Rio Grande do Norte). With the addition of new acquisitions, the total base reaches 200,000 customers.