GRB content launched in Africa on M-Net and ETV

Los Angeles – based entertainment “reality” TV content distributor GRB Entertainment, is bringing its content to Africa via M-Net and ETV.

South African broadcaster MNET acquired 2 seasons of the Braxton Family Values which is scripted “reality TV” show featuring Toni Braxton a 90’s R&B artist. As well as Cleveland Hustle a rehash of the Apprentice television show showing aspiring entrepreneur trying to do business with James Lebron as judge. Other shows such as Flex and Shanice and Black in America.

ETV Acquired Braxton Family values as well and “On the Case” a classic murder investigation show.

“As the television market in Africa continues to grow, GRB is thrilled to be working with MNET and ETV. Our documentaries, entertaining reality series and real-life investigative crime series have captured audiences around the world, and we are very excited to bring these titles to Africa,” said Michael Lolato, SVP of International Distribution, GRB Entertainment, in a statement.