Government of India claims STB seeding reached almost 100%

Good news for the digital addressable systems (DAS) challenge in India. The government is maintaining that the phase III areas has nearly reached its completion to 100%, amounting to a total of 41 million set top boxes (STBs). The information was announced after the 15th meeting of the Task Force on the phase III and IV implementation of DAS of cable television networks.


During the last meeting, it was found that the introduction of STBs by multi system operators (MSOs) elevated from 6.91 million to 12.43 million between December 2015 to February 2016, which indicates a powerful seeding. Jaya R, the joint secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, declared that MSOs and broadcasters should accentuate their priority towards the signing of inter-related contracts for the particular areas. Furthermore, stakeholders were asked to plan and make the public aware of the compulsory digitisation in phase IV areas having as deadline the end of December.


However, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) considers that the revenue that is shared between MSOs and LCOs is a subject that needs to be unravelled for the phase IV’s digitisation, whichnex may be difficult since all national MSO’s might not be able to provide coverage over all areas. Furthermore, the TRAI acknowledged the fact that the outright purchase cost has not been agreed although TRAI has prescribed 3 modes of STBs purchase, namely; the outright purchase, the hire purchase and the rental mode.