Government in Zimbabwe encourages local content producers

Zimbabwe government has confirmed its support to content local producers such as radio broadcasters and television producer.

Dr Chris Mushohwe Information, Media and Broadcasting minister gathered with BAZ CEO, ZBC CEO and other important actors in order to inform producers that the government was ready to support any digitalisation project

He declared: “Government, through my ministry is committed to assist every Zimbabwean who wishes to participate in this global crusade. We have made available funds and resources to make sure that this project is a success. When the project begins, we’ll have 12 channels that will be running for 24 hours. This means we’ll need a lot of producers, script writers, technical directors, editors, sound designers, costume designers, production designers and actors. Some will benefit directly while others will benefit indirectly,”

This digitalisation programme is a step forward for the country from an international and local standpoint this will allow to avoid an agenda divergence between the country and the international community