Our goal is to reach soccer fans around the world


NexTV News Latam spoke with Fanatiz CEO Matías Rivera prior to his participation in NexTV CEO Latin America, the leading conference to be held on November 2 & 3 in Miami. 

“We are very happy with the reception of our service. There are many people around the world that want access to the best Latin American soccer and Fanatiz gives them this access with a simple service, in high quality and affordable price”, said Rivera.

-What is your target audience?

Our goal is to reach out to soccer fans around the world: Latin Americans, Europeans, Asians and other soccer fans who do not want to miss out Latin American matches, including derbies such as the Superclasico River-Boca, which will be played on November 5 and will be available on Fanatiz to 90% of the planet.

Fanatiz will give away, for this unique time, 100,000 free tickets so that people around the world can enjoy this match.

-How was the negotiation process for the streaming rights?

The negotiations for sports rights take time and require a deep knowledge of the industry and its players, as well as experience negotiating these agreements and developing attractive models for the owners of each right.

-Do you plan to live stream other sports?

We are focused on soccer now, but we plan to expand to other sports, always by making access to content easier for sports fans around the world.

-Who are your technology partners?

Achieving a high-quality service in HD without any disruption was a central objective, and we have received very good feedback from people all over the world. Our work with technology partners like SmartboxTV and Aldea Solutions has been key to reach this.

-What are the biggest challenges in providing live and multi-screen sports?

The biggest challenge in this industry is to end the illegal services that offer this content free and financed with advertising through companies like Google. It is essential that these companies take measures to avoid financing illegal services, which often contaminate the devices of their users with viruses and have a low signal quality. Until the launch of Fanatiz, soccer fans around the world had no choice but to use them.

– Do you plan to develop apps for smart TVs and other streaming devices?

Our goal is to have our content available on all digital platforms for our users to watch it every time they want.

-What are the growth expectations in terms of subscribers?

We do not share figures publicly, but for this first stage, I can tell you that there are more than 100 million fans of Latin American soccer around the world, including about 2 million Argentines, Chileans, Mexicans and Peruvians living in countries where we have the streaming rights.