Globo launches new TV rights money distribution model for Brazilian soccer

The main TV broadcaster in Brazil, Globo, has launched a new TV rights money distribution model. It was presented to 21 teams and it will be available from 2019 for a period of six years, as reported by UOL.

This revision was made due to the complaints of several teams that stated that the current money distribution model granted higher amounts to teams such us Flamengo and Corinthians. The competition with Esporte Interativo (Turner) for the rights of Brasileirao 2019 also forced Globo to reconsider some of the items of the negotiation.

The new model stipulates dividing in equal parts for all the teams a 40% of the income, a 30% considering the games broadcasted on free to air and Pay TV, and a 30% distributed according to the club’s performance during the year.

The new model was presented in the offices of Globo located in Rio de Janeiro. The teams that attended the meeting were América-MG, Atlético-GO, Atlético-MG, Avaí, Brasil de Pelotas, Chapecoense, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Fluminense, Goiás, Grêmio, Internacional, Londrina, Náutico, Ponte Preta, São Paulo, Sport, Santa Cruz, Vasco, Vila Nova and Vitória.

Five teams that recently signed an agreement with Esporte Interativo for pay TV have joined to negotiate the rights for free-to-air and pay-per-view (PPV).