Gired approves changes in analogue switch-off schedule in Brazil

Gired, the group coordinating the implementation of digital TV in Brazil, which is integrated by telecommunications companies, TV broadcasters and regulator Anatel,  approved to postpone the analogue switch-off schedule in Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Fortaleza and the interior of Sao Paulo. The proposal must be formalized by the Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Gilberto Kassab.

In Fortaleza and Salvador the date would change from July to September, in Belo Horizonte from July to the second week of November and in the interior of Sao Paulo would change from September to the fourth week of November.

The group maintained the original date of the analogue switch-off (ASO) in Goiânia and 28 municipalities of Goiás by May 31. In addition, the ASO in Recife remains unchanged in July and in Rio de Janeiro and Victoria is scheduled for October.

The TV broadcasters asked to postpone the dates due to technical problems in the installation of stations in Belo Horizonte and the interior of Sao Paulo, according to Anatel; and there are problems with the distribution of the DTT kits (antenna and decoder).

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Radio and Television Association (Abratel) filed an appeal and requested to maintain the original schedule. According to the entity, the ASO can only be postponed if is not reach the minimum requirement of 93% of households with digital signal. In addition, Abratel believes the schedule should not be modified in order to not prejudice the investments already made.

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