Kwesé TV to be launched in all Botswana

Kwesé launched the broadcast of its FTA channel Kwesé Free sport in Botswana’s capital Gaborone in March earlier this year. Following the success of the program they decided to unveil the complete Kwesé packaging, introducing viewers to the new content with third-party channels, entertainment and sports. Marketing and PR Manager at Kwesé, Shadi Linchwe declared [...]

BOCRA in Botswana issues two pay-per-view TV licenses

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) has issued two TV broadcasting licences under Subscription Management Service (SMS) category to Mediacore Botswana and Harrington Square under Star Times name. Thari Pheko BOCRA’s CEO declared The Communications Regulatory Act defines the Subscription Management Service as a broadcasting service. It is, therefore, one of the broadcasting licence categories [...]

New youth TV called Access TV now in Botswana

AccessTV is the new youth-friendly television channel in Botswana. It is a digital satellite television channel in English and Setswana language, pertaining to entertainment in Botswana. The channel is appropriate for all ages and races throughout the country and offers exclusive experience in digital broadcasting. Susan Benjamin, the marketing and communications manager of Access TVs [...]

Botswana DTT set to delay further

The digital migration process in Botswana is likely to be delayed further because the country is unable to acquire the essential receiving equipment like decoders. The government has so far only installed transmitters in villages around the country, but has failed to meet two deadlines set for the switchover from analogue to digital television.   [...]

17.1 million USD for Botswana’s DTT process

The cost for digital migration in Botswana has been made public by the Minister for Presidential Affairs, Eric Molale. Until now, 180 million BWP (17.1 million USD) has been spent on the process. The cost includes the upgrading of infrastructure and lighting systems for Botswana Television, the establishment of the data broadcasting service, the enhancement [...]

Botswana all set for digital transition

The change will be real now in Botswana. The information was revealed by Dikgang Makgalemele, the assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administrations. Botswana is all prepared for the shift to digitalisation. Digital television will be delivered to households and other customer premises. Involving the re-allocation of frequencies and agreed by the International Telecommunications [...]