The future of 4K, discussed at NexTV Series South America


During the recent edition of NexTV Series South America, the conference organized by Dataxis, the CTOs of leading companies discussed the future of 4K in the region.

Mario de Oliveira, CTO of Uruguay’s Nuevo Siglo, said that they are “monitoring” the technology, but they need to “consider a balance between available content and the price of set-top boxes.” According to the executive, it must be considered when there will be enough content to monetize the investment in STBs. “The conditions are not yet given, there is no TV channel, at least with traditional distribution, broadcasting 24 hours in 4K.”

Guillermo Bertossi, VP Technology, Digital Consumer Group Latam at Fox said that the important thing for the decisions to be taken will be the customer base that will grow along with the offer of devices.

In the same line, Noelia Chalfoun, Director of Digital Media Technologies at Turner, said that “there is little 4K content” and the penetration of devices is still low.

Mariano Primavera, CTO of Qubit said that the 4K is “very important” from the point of view of production. However, in the distribution area there are different priorities. “Closed IPTV networks can guarantee quality to users, but in public networks, which are not controlled, the demand is much greater”.

Pedro Planas, CTO of Telefonica del Peru, said that they planned to offer a 4K experience during the previous FIFA World Cup but the project did not finally materialize. “We tried to offer the World Cup because SES made the transmission for Europe”, but “a few years ago the distribution chain was not ready.” “We will try again in the next World Cup,” he said.

Ezio Sanchez, VP of Sales – Latam at Ateme, considered that “the discussion about 4K is the same as it was with SD and HD” and said that “the important thing is the user experience.”