FTA channel Telefé’s local stations in Argentina to adopt network brand

The leader Argentine FTA network Telefé (owned by Viacom) decided that all its local stations of that country -a total of eight- will use its brand and its logo (the three balls of blue, green and red colors). In this way, the station unifies the visual identity of all its signals.

So far, affiliates to Telefé are identified with their channel number. They were Channel 9 of Bahía Blanca, Channel 5 of Rosario, Channel 8 of Córdoba (Teleocho), Channel 11 of Salta, Channel 7 of Neuquén, Channel 13 of Santa Fe, Channel 8 of Tucumán and Channel 8 of Mar del Plata. From this November 21, the stations will use the Telefé brand, together with the corresponding city, for example, Telefé Bahía Blanca or Telefé Rosario. “This is a strategy that anticipates the analog blackout”, explained authorities of the network.

“This decision will not change the programming or the local production with talents of its own.” The change of name will also reach the news that will be renamed Telefé Noticias, except in Salta, Mar del Plata and Tucumán,” reported the network in a statement.