FTA broadcaster in Mozambique to launch TVM International channel

The Prime minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario announced the creation of a new TV channel called International TVM by the public broadcaster, Televisão de Moçambique. TVM-international will first be broadcasted in South Africa, then to Germany, Portugal and other European countries with high Mozambican diaspora.

The objective of this channel has been described by the minister himself as: “a strategic platform for divulging to the outside world diverse television contents which express the identity and cultural mosaic of our country”.

The channel will enter into a new market way more competitive where content have to be of the highest quality, but the prime minister seemed confident and declared the following statement about TVM capacity: “Responding to the needs of national and international viewers, while at the same time publicizing and promoting the cultural diversity and riches, the natural resources, and the tourism and agricultural potential of our country”.

This channel with its more international views will create “bridge between those who are in the country and those who are abroad” added the Prime Minister.

To recall, the public broadcaster in Mozambique launched its first program in the form of short news flash every Sunday in 1979. Diffusion goes from every Sunday to a daily format in 1991, where it was also named TVM. The Mozambican broadcaster began its first satellite transmission at national level as well as in various African countries in 1999.

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