Freedish upgrades DTH platform upgrade

Doordarshan’s direct-to-home service, Freedish, will modernise its DTH platform on 10 January to increase the capacity of channels. The DTH service will add five MPEG-2 TV channels, increases the channels from 59 to 64. It will also add two more radio channels. Freedish had earlier announced that it would carry 112 TV channels.

The technology upgrade will free up one transponder which will be used for providing MPEG4 channels. Doordarshan has leased another transponder for providing MPEG4 channels. It plans to provide 48 channels in MPEG4 technology using the two transponders.

“Presently, we are leasing five transponders for giving 59 MPEG2 channels. Now we will be upgrading to provide 64 channels by using only four transponders. We will be pushing 16 MPEG2 channels per transponders,” CK Jain, Deputy Director General of Doordarshan.

“The fifth transponder will be used for providing MPEG4 channels. Apart from that, we have hired one more transponder for providing MPEG4 channels. So we will have six transponders out of which four will be used for MPEG2 and two for MPEG4. For MPEG4, we will be using two transponders to provide 48 MPEG4 channels,” he added.