Formula 1 to launch streaming service in May

Formula 1 announced that it will launch its streaming service, called F1 TV, in May, ahead of the Formula 1 2018 Gran Premio De Espana. Until that time, Formula 1 will continue to run a closed beta version of the service to a small subset of fans.
F1 TV will have two service levels at two different price points. F1 TV Pro, the premium tier, will feature live races, practices and qualifying, as well as 20 driver-cameras. Subscribers will also be able to personalise the way they watch a Grand Prix. Pricing will be offered on an annual basis of USD70-USD150, with monthly rates ranging from USD8-12.
A less expensive, non-live subscription tier, F1 TV Access will provide live race timing data and radio broadcasts, as well as extended highlights of each session from the race weekend.
The technological partners of the project are Tata Communications, NBC Playmaker, iStreamPlanet, CSG and Ostmodern. NBC Sports’ Playmaker Media, and iStreamPlanet will act as systems integrator and video streaming partner.
CSG will deliver identity management, payment processing and business analysis to support subscriber management and retention. Ostmodern will design and deliver the web and app product experience, including personalization, side by side viewing and future feature enhancements.
CDN and connectivity services to distribute the F1 TV content globally will be supplied by Tata Communications, Formula 1’s official connectivity provider.