Fixed broadband access to reach 83.7 million in 2022


According to Dataxis forecasts, fixed broadband connections in Latin America will reach 71 million by the end of this year, with a penetration rate of 11.6% over the total population. That figure will grow to 83.7 million by 2022 and a penetration rate of 13.2%.

The development of the fixed broadband service is not homogeneous as a group of countries have a relatively high penetration rate while others are still below 5% (e.g. Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Paraguay).

Uruguay is by far the country with the highest penetration rate of fixed broadband in Latin America reaching 25%. On the other hand, Argentina, Chile and Puerto Rico closed the top group with a penetration rate of over 15% at the end of this year, while, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil are above the regional average.

Fixed broadband service growth is expected throughout the region, but the differences in development between countries will remain; for example, in eight countries, the penetration rate will remain below 9%. However, the proportion of ultra-broadband will be generalized, going from 36% connections the end of this year to reach 75% in 2022.