FilminLatino will not shut down, says Imcine

The Ministry of Culture and the Mexican Cinematography Institute (Imcine) said in a joint statement that FilminLatino will continue to operate. Last week, the Head of Imcine, Maria Novaro, announced that the streaming service was shutting down.
“FilminLatino will continue to guarantee the rights of audiences to access Mexican cinema,” the statement said. “We will seek dialogue with all interested parties to review the performance of FilminLatino and, where appropriate, propose alternatives for the distribution of national and international films, with the aim of keeping the right of the audiences safe.”
When Novaro said the platform was shutting down, several members of the film industry were unhappy with the decision. Oscar award winner, Guillermo del Toro offered help and asked to start a dialogue. In addition, Mexican actor Diego Luna said on Twitter that the service is “essential to seek proximity between the audience and a cinema that would not find a forum otherwise.”
Mexican director Arturo Ripstein said, “The shutdown or possible shutdown of FilminLatino is a very hard blow to independent and peripheral movies and filmmakers”.