FashionTV presents new OTT products

FashionTV, the TV network dedicated to lifestyle and fashion, announced that it will its 12 new FTV+ OTT channels and FashionFlix SVOD at Mipcom, Cannes 2017. According to the company, these multi-content services will feature original and informative programming for the platforms of the next generation TVs.

“FTV channels and VOD are now more engaging to our audience across all devices. The FTV+ platform presents 12+ visually stunning OTT streams on FTV+ cover all types of themes and can be received through satellite, IP or mobile application,” said Michel Adam, president of FashionTV group.

FashionFlix is a SVOD platform focusing on cult fashion movies as “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Yves Saint Laurent”, “Coco Channel” and Fashion trend setting films as “Matrix”, “James Bond – Skyfall” and “Dreamgils”, among others. The content on the platforms is available in SD, HD, UHD and VR and can be received on the Web, Apple Store, Google Play, AppleTV, AndroidTV, AmazonTV, Roku and on many OTT platforms. 

In turn, FashionTV just launched two localized livestreams – FTV USA and FTV Brazil – broadcasting world-class production, exclusive shows and fashion trends from these countries.