Excelsior TV channel can already be seen throughout Mexico by FTA


On November 6, the channel Excelsior TV began broadcasting on FTA in 38 new regions of the Mexican territory, thus reaching the whole country through channel 3.4. The Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) authorized it two months ago.

In the past, Excelsior TV broadcast only in Mexico City (there it can be seen on channel 28.1, although in a short time it will also transmit on 3.4) and it could only be seen in the rest of the country through Pay TV (it has agreements with Sky Mexico and Izzi). “Now it will be a matter of generating empathy and making visible the facts that affect Mexicans in general, the northerners, those who live in the center or south of the country,” the channel says from the Excelsior website.

The network, belonging to Grupo Imagen, was born four years ago as a product of the Excelsior newspaper. The channel mainly broadcasts news, although it promised to incorporate entertainment, sports and financial programs.