Eutelsat to deploy Konnect Satellite connectivity in Africa

Eutelsat, has selected General Dynamics Satcom Technologies and Hugues Networks Systems to help them deploy their Konnect satellite in Africa. General Dynamics Satcom Technologies will position seven ground antennas while Hugues Network Systems will provide its Jupiter ground network system. These different technical components will enable the satellite to efficiently exchange traffic with the ground.

According to Eutelsat, the Konnect satellite is expected to be launched in space by the end of this year. Its construction has just been completed and the testing phase will begin to ensure that it will work optimally once in space. It represents a new investment by the company to improve access to broadband telecom services on the continent where many areas remain unhedged.

The Managing Director and Technical Director of Eutelsat, Yohann Leroy, explained that “the ground infrastructure was the last missing link in our Konnect satellite program and it is now on track.”

Leroy further stated that these cost-effective infrastructures will enable Eutelsat to offer competitive services to its customers.