ESPN launches its first eSports reality show in Brazil

ESPN will air an eSports reality show in Brazil for the first time. The show, called Kings and Queens, will be about the game Clash Royale and it will be sponsored by the Brazilian manufacturer of school supplies Tilibra.
It will have 13 episodes and its release date is scheduled for December 10. It will be available on ESPN Extra and the TV Everywhere platform ESPN Watch.
It will house twelve people in a house in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, where they will train their own skills to become eSports players. There will be a prize for the best three contestants, who can participate with Clash Royale teams that participate in the official competitions.
The eSports reality shows are growing in the Brazilian market. The company Gillette and the IGN gaming site launched their own show for League of Legends (LoL) on November 14, which is being broadcast on IGN’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitch accounts. While the Brazilian gaming channel called Final Level also entered into this market to release a new production on November 15.