Es’hailSat to launch television and communications satellite Sohail 2 in Qatar  


Qatar is getting ready for the launching of a second television and communications satellite in the coming year, and would be named ‘Sohail 2’. The Qatari satellite company – Es’hailSat – said that the new satellite will bring support to ‘Sohail 1’ and cover the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) territory.

To recall, ‘Sohail 1’ was introduced in the year 2013, aiming to respond to the needs and strategic goals of Qatar. It provided the Standard Definition television (SDTV) service with the capacity to run 140 channels and High Definition television (HDTV) to run 30 channels.

Now, the ‘Sohail 2’, will make the satellite market more competitive and strong. Qatar is investing heavily in this particular sector of satellites and technology. The country is actually planning for extensive network to screen the soccer World Cup taking place in 2020.