Es’hailSat brings on Al Rafidain TV channel in MENA  


Es’hailSat, the Qatari-based satellite company has made the Iraqi satellite TV channel, Al Rafidain TV channel, available in the Middle East North African territory. It will be accessible on Es’hail-1 satellite located at the 25.5 degrees East hotspot.

The channel’s audience will be served with Iraqi political, economic, cultural and social identity, with the aim of propounding unity among Iraqis. The channel will thus offer programs that repulse intolerance, fights sectarianism and racism, alongside emphasizing on the history and tradition of Iraqi civilization.

Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari, president and CEO of Es’hailSat, commented: “We are delighted that Al Rafidain TV Channel has chosen Es’hail-1 satellite to reach customers across MENA”.

Also, he added that: “This is a testament to our commitment in promoting Arabic content across the region. With one satellite in operation and a second satellite scheduled for launch in 2017 and a new teleport, we believe that we have the optimum solution for broadcasters and viewers in the MENA region”.