EscapeX launches mobile app for Sanjeev Kapoor

EscapeX, the technology firm based in New York is launching a new mobile app for Sanjeev Kapoor, the celebrity chef, entrepreneur writer and television personality in India.

The new app will allow fans to keep close to the latest feed from their chef. Exclusive content will be offered, alongside Featured videos, live Broadcast of cookouts, push notifications and a subscription service.

Sephi Shapira, the CEO of EscapeX, declared: “We are glad to be a part of Sanjeev’s next level of engagement with his fans and followers”.

Kapoor said echoed his thoughts upon the launch of his own branded app: “It is my responsibility to make sure that my fans and users live a healthy tasty life. Through this App I can engage with them and understand their needs better to help them live a fitter life”.

EscapeX, to recall, is headed by mobile technology experts and entertainment industry leaders. It develops advanced mobile solutions to provide celebrities and social influencers like athletes, actors, models, comedians, and other creators with a direct connection to their audiences, greater control over their content, and the monetization of social engagement through e-commerce and in-app advertising.