Ecuador readies for analogue switch-off

The Ministry of Telecommunications (Mintel) of Ecuador plans to start in June the transition process to digital terrestrial TV (DTT), according to the official information system El Ciudadano.

“Ecuadorians should prepare themselves by purchasing TVs with ISDBT-Tb or International ISDB-T tuners, which are already available in the country”, reported El Ciudadano website. DTT receivers are identified with a label.

Currently, Mintel “is constantly working to reach the percentage of coverage required for this technology”. The analogue switch-off was originally scheduled for December 31, 2016, but it was postponed until June 2017 because the target of coverage was not reached.

With digital TV “it will be possible to take better advantage of the radio spectrum, that is to say, frequency bands will be freed up for the use of new technologies”. To inform the population about the DTT technology, the ministry created a website that offers data and explains the benefits of digital terrestrial TV.