du teams up with Cartoon Network Arabic for online platform

du, the Integrated Telecommunications Company, is partnering with Cartoon Network Arabia for the introduction of the channel’s Young Programmers campaign. It will be an online platform allowing young children and early teens access to online coding.

Samer Geissah, Vice President Innovation, du: “Contributing to educational programs is a big part of du’s initiative to help the youth realize their greatest potential. We are pleased to have recently launched a platform with Cartoon Network Arabic, to offer our youth an interactive and fun online tool to learn coding through the Young Programmers campaign. We hope that this can be the start for many of the youth to learn coding and gain an interest to study it more on a professional level”.

On the other hand, Tarek Mounir, Vice President and General Manager of Turner for Turkey, Middle East, North Africa, ‘Greece & Cyprus commented: “More and more, coding is becoming the ‘new universal language’ and playing a major role in shaping today’s kids […] The introduction of coding at an early age not only helps to encourage innovation in the advancement of technology but also creates a new generation of highly-skilled progressive thinkers”.

The online platform resulting from the partnership is bilingual and suits a range of youngsters. Coding will be learnt in the form of a game with the different characters from Cartoon Network, namely the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ and stories, alongside a number of requests and boxes to implement coding practices.

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