DTT to bring 12 TV stations to Zimbabwe

Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN), is aiming for a television broadcasting licence once the Zimbabwean Government completes digitisation. Upon completion of the DSO, the country will see 12 TV stations operating in the country.

ZTN’s executive producer, Elton Mjanana said, “The ZTN team has been busy working on different types of productions not only targeting the local audience but the international one too. We have various types of shows that cover areas such as sport, lifestyle and entertainment, current affairs, and comedy among many others.” Mjanana added, “Our mindset is to have productions that challenge those on the global scene and, therefore, we have invested a lot of time and energy to produce good content, meaning a well-researched script. We have also ensured that the visuals and sound are top-notch.”

There are concerns which have been raised about the content of ZTN becoming irrelevant as the DSO is getting delayed. However, Mjanana gave the reassurance that it will not be the case. They have launched they website this October and some of the content, like the comedy show ‘Pachiteshi’ and a couple of other shows are already showing on the platform. Mjanana further added that there are shows which they are deliberately not showing on the website as they might be bought from broadcasters outside Zimbabwe.