Disney announces two original series

Disney Media Distribution Latin America (DMDLA) announced – during Mipcom 2018 in Cannes – the production of two new original series: “Americana” and “Cazadores de milagros” (“Miracle Hunters”).
The first title will be developed with Naim Media Group (NMG). This 10-episode series will take place in Brazil in late 19th-century. The story will focus on the events that occurred after the Civil War in the United States, when the Emperor of Brazil invited thousands of defeated Southerners to the country.
In turn, “Miracle Hunters”, a 13 hour-long episode series, is a co-production among DMDLA, Mediapro, BTF Media, and Somos Productions, with a production set based in Mexico, and BTF Media as the production company.
The plot centers on a skeptical journalist who works for a news site and needs an article that may save his career, a young and brilliant heiress of a successful yet controversial media empire, and an enigmatic psychic who debates herself between faith and need, all of whom cross their fates in a unique mission that will compel them to question their doubts and certainties about faith: tracking real cases of miraculous events.