DirecTV Colombia to launch 4.5G service for residential clients

José Daniel Gómez, general manager of DirecTV in Colombia, announced that from the third quarter of the year the company will offer 4.5G to residential customers, with speeds up to 20 mbps.
Gómez said they are replacing old towers with 4.5G technology. “This allows a greater number of users in each tower, which were too saturated,” the executive added, according to El Tiempo.
DirecTV’s internet service is currently available in 224 municipalities and has 673 towers, 30 of them will be updated with new technology during July and September covering 23 municipalities.
The initiative was announced during the 20th edition of the Congress of the National Association of Public Services and Communication. Companies (Andesco), which took place from July 4 to 6 in the city of Medellín.