Digital TV reaches 95% of households in Sao Paulo

According to a study released by Brazilian regulator Anatel, about 95% of households in Sao Paulo already have digital TV signal. In that city, and in surrounding municipalities, the analogue switch-off was completed on March 29.

The research was conducted by Ibope between March 31 and April 10.  In Sao Paulo, the company carried out 1,072 interviews and 1,652 in the 38 neighboring municipalities. In total, there are 7.2 million households in the region, 4.2 million in Sao Paulo and the remaining 3 million in the surrounding cities.

In Sao Paulo, 1.8 million DTT kits will be distributed to families enrolled in social programs of the Federal Government.

The first city to shut down analog TV in Brazil was Rio Verde (Goiás), in March 2016. The second one was Brasilia and nine surrounding municipalities, in late 2016, and then Sao Paulo.

The next step in the ASO schedule is Goiânia, capital of the state of Goiás, and 28 other municipalities. In that region, 280,000 kits are being distributed.