Dialog TV in Sri Lanka launched new pay-per-view cinema product


The Pay-TV operator in Sri Lanka, Dialog Television has launched of its pay-per-view home theater innovation which aimed at providing Sri Lankan movie and theatre producers with a platform to reach over 700,000 Sri Lankan homes.


Branded as the 7th Circuit, Dialog Television’s latest channel will carry pre-cinema movie premiers to homes across Sri Lanka based on a pay–per–view model. The platform will also carry theatre and movie re-runs to match the appetite of Sri Lankan viewers for the best of indigenous creations, the company said in a media announcement.


The pay-per-view model adopted by the 7th Circuit enables viewers to pay for a specific programme – for example, a movie premier running on a particular day or time slot, thereby providing a viewing option very similar to the purchase of a cinema or theatre ticket for the entire household.


“The 7th Circuit is a unique initiative launched by Dialog Television in collaboration with Sri Lanka’s film and theatre industry. Central to the design of the 7th Circuit is the establishment of a business model and exposition platform capable of spurring creativity among Sri Lankan producers and directors, by bringing together their premier creations alongside a viewing base of over 700,000 households,” quoted from the release.