Deutsche Welle TV goes high-definition in Bangladesh

Deutsche Welle (DW), the international broadcaster from Germany, will be launched in high-definition version in Bangladesh, alongside South Asia, following the standard-definition version which has been available in the country since last year.

The demand of HD viewing in Asia is still in progressing and Bangladesh is considered as an emerging market. With the introduction of DW HD, viewers will have an additional and advanced option.

According to Tobias Grote-Beverborg, the distribution executive of DW TV, the broadcaster is a niche television channel, having as target the young urban population aged between 25 to 40, content being in English language.

Grote-Beverborg commented: “We have been broadcasting in your language for more than 50 years. Our Bangla service remains the most exciting of our undertakings here. This growing part of our service is what we have targeted for the mass audience”.

On the other hand, Ishraq Dhaly, the marketing chief of Jadoo Digital which is an entertainment and connectivity business, revealed that: “Our service means to provide quality, converged and connected entertainment. In the next two years, we will be able to provide ‘a la carte’ method of channel selection on televisions which will bring forward more interesting channels to viewers. The plan is to provide the universe and have people choose”.