DEN Networks teams up with Visiware to launch Playin’TV

DEN Networks, the cable TV distribution company in India launches a new service called Playin’TV, an interactive gaming utility.

DEN teamed up with Visiware International a French the world leader of interactive television, it is the first time they expend their customer base in India.

The multi-system operator (MSO) is proposing the games for Us $0.55 a month. The gaming service is an exclusivity to DEN’s subscriber and no additional device is required only the STB and remote.

DEN Networks CEO SN Sharma declared: “We are excited to partner Visiware International and launch Playin’ TV on our cable TV and broadband networks. Playin’ TV is an internationally renowned interactive gaming channel and we always strive to provide world class entertainment to our customers. The launch coincides with the arrival of Indian summers, a time when most people prefer indoor entertainment.

“Playin’ TV’s comprehensive suite of games ranging from board and card games to adventure and sports will provide the ideal indoor recreation to Den subscribers across all ages. With Den Networks’ 13 million plus subscriber base spread across 400+ cities, Visiware International is set to gain a massive entry into the Indian market while our subscribers will enjoy premium games of international repute,” he added.