Delhi HC rejects 8 cases related to the implementation of DAS III

The Delhi High Court has dismissed eight cases in connection with the implementation of the digital addressable system (DAS) Phase III. Also, applicants are asked to switch over to digital in the coming three weeks.

The decision has been taken since the deadline for the digital switch over for Phase III has not been met and the extension date given has not been respected. Earlier, the Delhi High Court had separated the cases between those that sought extension of time from the ones challenging the 2011 notification for DAS implementation. The extension cases were being dealt by Justice Sachdeva, while the other cases are being heard by the division bench.

However, stay has been granted on DAS Phase III deadline in various parts of the country by the high courts. The stay orders had stopped the implementation of DAS Phase III. This prompted the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to move the Supreme Court to get all the cases transferred to either apex court or Delhi High Court. The Delhi High Court was made the designated court for all cases related to DAS Phase III.