‘Dekkho’, video streaming platform, goes live this month, in India

Dekkho, a modern content aggregator and video streaming platform founded by Vinay Pillai and Tanay Desai, is all in for its launch beginning of January, this year. It is an over-the-top content provider where users are not being charged and has an advertising-led revenue model.

Content will be provided to Indians across the globe different languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and selected foreign languages. A plus point of the new service is that users will be able to use it even at the lowest bandwidth and offline features are also available. It is user friendly and is planning to aggregate content from Sony, Star and Zee, among other production houses.

Commenting about the video streaming platform, Pillai, the Co-Founder at Dekkho, said: “There is a lot of unseen original content in India which can be showcased through our platform and we want to create an ecosystem where the creator doesn’t have to sell their IP away like they would to television networks in India. Producing in-house content means a large financial outlay to build it out and that can only be justified if you already have a built-in audience and a revenue source to justify that spend”.