Dekkho strikes deal with Times Music to up content offer

Dekkho, the online video streaming platform founded by Pillai and Desai, is teaming up with Times Music, the record label and music publisher. Resulting from this link up is the offering of Bollywood, music videos and regional content to its subscribers.

Tanay Desai, one of the two co-founders of Dekkho, commented about the linkup: “Times Music is one of the fastest growing labels in the industry. We are pleased to associate with their premium catalogue of music, wellness, and spiritual content”.

Times Music, to recall, features Indian music catalogues across genres (Bollywood, Spiritual, Indie, Pop, Rock and other non-film).

Further, he said: “This ensures adequate depth into Bollywood, pop, fitness and lifestyle, all of which are actively consumed by today’s generation of online viewers. We are betting high on the first-window concept, and look forward to disrupting premium content even further with this alliance”.

Elsewhere, Mandar Thakur, the COO of Times Music, revealed that: “India has always been a ‘video ready’ generation since we have grown up on popular Bollywood songs that combined extensive videography with music. We welcome Dekkho as a bold Indian venture to carry forward an enduring legacy and bring it to the world”.