Cube TV officially launched in Brazil

Cube TV, the platform that focus on mobile gaming livestreaming and competes with options like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, held its official launch event in Brazil on Tuesday, September 11 with the participation of its main executives and influencers.
The platform, which is part of Singapore-based company BIGO, is available on desktop and mobile apps. Cube TV arrived in Brazil in mid-2018 and now had its official launch. During the event, Pietro Limone, marketing analyst and representative in the country, said that Bigo received an investment of USD 272 million from YY, which prompted the launch in Brazil. “This is the market that grows more in the gaming segment in the world”, said Limone.
“Cube TV is growing exponentially in the country,” Limone added, and the expectation is that it will stay that way “for the next ten years.” The platform has several monetization methods and there are already several players and streamers that left Twitch to move to Cube TV. Limone said the service is based on three pillars: “the best streaming platform, the value of streamers and the transparent payment system”.