Cuba launches news channel

The Cuban government launched the news channel ‘Caribe’ on March 14. It is available free-to-air on frequency HD-1, which does not cover the whole country, with three and a half hours of programming, at night.

The director of the Information System of Cuban Television, Ovidio Cabrera García, said that the channel was created to give people with no voice in the mainstream media the opportunity of making their views known, as (the Venezuela-based news channel) Telesur does.

In an interview with CMHW’s official website, Cabrera García said that the channel has three main lines of work: up-to-date information, news magazines – among which is a weekly summary and others about science, technology, environment, social facilitation – and historical programs. These programs will appear gradually.

The programming currently extends from Monday to Sunday, from 8.30 PM until midnight. The channel began operating on March 14, when Cuba’s Press Day is celebrated.