Copaco launches IPTV promotion

Paraguayan telecommunications company Copaco has launched a new promotion for its IPTV service.  Customers subscribing to Premium packages can now get the first three or six months for free.

According to the company, clients subscribing to a Premium package get three free months while customers subscribing to a second Premium package get six free months. The goal is to improve customers’ loyalty, said in an interview with “A Fondo” in Radio 1000 María Mendez from Copaco’s department of promotion and services.

The company offers both HBO and FOX premium packages. The HBO package (HBO, HBO2, HBO Family, HBO plus) costs 38,500 Gs. (USD 6.6), while the FOX package (Fox 1, Fox Action, Fox Family, Fox Classics, Fox Cinema, Fox Movies) is priced at 46,200 Gs. (USD 8), according to information on Copaco’s website.