Comedy Central brings new comedy show, Mideast Minute

Comedy Central, the cable and satellite television channel offering content in comedy, is bringing yet another show for its audience on its digital platform. ‘MidEast Minute’, the new show being a satirical comedy-genre, will be of much interest to the locals.

It is a fake US news bulletin, presented by Jamsheed Al-Jamsheedi, the fictional character of Pardis Parker, who is the presenter of the original US show of ‘MidEast Minute’. The show for the Middle East viewers revolves around the US government and the satirical look at American attitudes, rather than that from the region.

Parker commented about: “You can create videos, throw them on YouTube, and trust that if what you created is good, it’ll find an audience. That’s the best thing about it. It’s a democratiser. It puts everyone’s content on equal footing, so the only thing that matters is the content itself. Create something, share it, and if it strikes a chord, opportunities will come calling”.

To recall, the show was first screened in 2007 and has been brought again by Comedy Central. And according to Parker, “the great thing about ‘Mideast Minute’ being released online is that it makes it easy for people to find and watch in other countries. And I imagine it would have similar advantages for comedians in the Middle East”.

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