Colombia’s DTT arrives in Cúcuta

Colombia’s National Television Board (JNTV) chose the city of Cúcuta to carry out a pilot test in the digital TV migration process, as part of the ‘Territorios TDT’ project. In this way, about 4,000 homes in that region now have access to high definition TV signal.
During a press conference, Camila Villamizar, member of the JNTV, said there are 11 municipalities with DTT coverage, “however we hope to reach all the 32 municipalities that are part of Norte de Santander department,” she added.
In the region, the Territorios TDT project delivered DTT set-top boxes and antennas to some 4,000 families at levels 1 and 2 of the System for Selecting the Beneficiaries of Social Programmes (SISBEN).
On the other hand, Ernesto Orozco, member of the JNTV, said that the national channels have already migrated to digital TV and currently 84% of the Colombian population has DTT coverage.
The investment made in Cúcuta and Villa del Rosario (another city of the same department) was thanks to an agreement signed between Colombia’s National Television Commission (CNTV) and the European Union, which includes an investment of € 8 million (USD 9.1 million) for the DTT deployment in the country under the European standard (DVB-T).