Colombia completes final regulation for TV White Space

Colombia’s National Spectrum Agency published its final regulation for TV White Space (TVWS). This way, is now the first country in Latin America to finalise its TVWS regulations, according to the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA).

TVWS technology uses otherwise unused or unassigned spectrum in the UHF and VHF bands. According to DSA, It has been in dozens of projects all over the world, showcasing its ability to inexpensively deliver broadband and other forms of connectivity over large geographical areas. These technologies operate on a secondary basis without causing interference to primary users, such as broadcast licensees.  

“We congratulate the Government of Colombia and ANE for becoming the first in Latin America to finalize its TV White Space regulations, and applaud the way ANE has continually advocated for innovative spectrum policies to benefit Colombia’s citizens,” said Kalpak Gude, President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance.