CNBC Africa now on Les Bouquets Canal+

The important business and news channel has made its way on Canal+, the French broadcaster. In an attempt to increase its number of viewers across Africa, the channel will be broadcasted on Les Bouquets CANAL+ offer.

It will be accessible on channel 171 from the ‘EVASION’ subscription of Les bouquets and will thus be available in more than 20 French-speaking African countries. CNBC Africa brings with it a slew of shows revolving around business and finance like ‘Open Exchange’ and ‘Closing Bell’, which is focused on the opening and closing of the African market each weekday.

Also offered is ‘Hot Stocks’, which involves an in-depth information about market stocks for the different levels individuals who are interested and invested. Elsewhere, CNBC Africa proffers ‘Masters of Innovation’, showcasing business leaders and influencers and ‘Gurus’ which provide both local and international speakers for a segment lasting for 15 minutes.

Bronwyn Nielsen, the executive Director for CNBC Africa, mentioned: “CNBC Africa is the leading financial and business news Pan-African channel; authentically sharing Africa’s stories with the world. CNBC Africa, soon to enter the double digits by celebrating 10 years of broadcast on the continent, stands tall and welcomes the additional terrestrial platform, LES BOUQUETS CANAL+ along with our new viewers in Africa”.