Claro starts offering pay TV in Argentina


Claro (América Móvil) has started offering its new pay TV service via IPTV to a small number of customers in Vicente López, a city located in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina, according to what NexTV News Latam could find out. Since the beginning of this year the company has the license to offer pay TV in the City of Buenos Aires, in the City of Salta, as well as in the municipalities of Hurlingham, Morón, Tres de Febrero and Vicente López in Greater Buenos Aires.
The entry of Claro into pay TV is in line with the opening of the telecommunications market in Argentina. According what NexTV News Latam could find out, the service is available commercially but the company is also conducting tests. However, Claro is not massively promoting the new offer. While taking its first steps in Argentina’s pay TV market, the company is deploying fiber in its coverage areas.
Urgente 24 reported that Claro is bundling the service with mobile, fixed telephony and internet for prices starting at AR $500 (USD 25).
In its official Twitter account, the company said – in response to a client – that the service is available and they are “taking orders” in Vicente López and “very soon” will expand the service to other cities.
Meanwhile, earlier this month, the government sent the Senate a bill that enables telecommunications companies -including Claro and Telefónica- to provide DTH in the country, something that is currently banned. Both Claro and Telefónica already offer DTH in other Latin American markets, including Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. América Móvil is the main pay TV group in Latin America, with 19.3% of total subscribers, that is, close to 14 million customers, according to Dataxis.